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Thread: pool cleaners

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    Default pool cleaners

    Obviously I'm new here, but Im fairly new to pools also. I'm interested in what pool cleaners work best for an above ground pool. I'd like to hear from others, good and bad. I think that I'm mostly leaning toward the models that are not dependant on the suction of the filter pump. Thanks

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    Default Re: pool cleaners

    I have two different ones; each serves a different purpose.

    1. Polaris 65 --- good for picking up large debris off the pool floor -- twigs, "helicopters" off the maple trees, etc. Not good at picking up dust, dirt because as its tail swooshes around the pool, it stirs the dirt up into suspension. This is the cleaner I use early in the season when everything is falling from the trees and then late in the summer early fall when some of the leaves start to fall. (This is a pressure side cleaner.)

    2. Wanda the whale --- walks slowly around pool floor and does a great job of getting the dust, dirt. This is the one I use most of the time throughout the summer. I can throw Wanda in the pool in the morning and let her do her thing. Then, later in the day when I am ready to swim, the pool is clean! (This is a suction side cleaner.)

    i still do use my manual vac, too. It is the fastest way to clean the pool. So, if I get in the pool and notice it is dirty, I can drag the manual vac out and clean it up in about 15 minutes or so. Neither of the other cleaners can do it that quickly.

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    Default Re: pool cleaners

    check "intheswim.com" and look for the "blaster." Granted its a manual but suppose to work great! Robots aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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