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Thread: Calcium Hypochlorite?

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    Default Calcium Hypochlorite?

    Hello all, I've been using calcium hypochlorite 68-70% on green pools. We have been using Yellow-Out when we start a pool with a PH of 7.6 or higher and shocking it after. Most of the pools will clear up after about 2 days or so. But I've been reading here that liquid bleach is a better alternative.
    My question is: what is your thoughts on using Calcium Hypochlorite? And why use liquid bleach and how much to use?
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    Default Re: Calcium Hypochlorite?

    I'll let the others comment on yellow out, but I will say there's nothing wrong with cal-hypo---until your calcium gets too high and you end up with milky water. While cal-hupo breaks down into calcium andchlorine, bleach breaks down into chlorine and salt water-- no unwanted chemicals. How much to use depends on your stabilizer level, volume of the pool, and whether you are shocking or just maintaining routine chlorine levels.

    Seriously-- cal hypo has its place, in pools that need the calcium level raised. But in those that don't, bleach is a much better alternative.

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    Default Re: Calcium Hypochlorite?

    bleach, in addition to not adding unnecessary chemicals, is also typically cheaper. 1 gal 6% bleach adds 6ppm to 10k, for <$2. Cal-hypo at my nearest pool store is $3+ a pound, which I think gives me 7ppm per 10k pool. so 50% more price, for 16% more chlorine- and the bleach is already dissolved, so no pre-mixing or powder residue...
    As Aylad stated, the amount is based on your CYA, pool, etc...

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