If you are an engineer type, you might be better off using some of the free online pipe and flow calculators to do your own rough hydraulic analysis. There are a bunch of them out there.

But, it's hard to do, with residential gear: the piping is no problem, but the supplied equipment flow data range from poor to unavailable.

I've done such calculations many times, but for large commercial pools. When I tried, this spring, to do them for some idealized residential pool / pump / filter combos, I was stymied by the lack of meaningful data.

I suspect some of this is deliberate: the VS pumps are often way, way too big for the piping or filters with which they are coupled. And when they are occasionally, even by accident, run at full volume, they are bursting pipes and valves, splitting filters, destroying cartridges, and back washing sand out all over the ground.

Obviously, that's not something for which the pump makers want to stand up, and take the credit!