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Thread: SWCG Comparison Published

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    Here are the correct numbers for the Compupool:
    CPSC24 26k 1.3#/day
    CPSC36 40K 1.9#/day
    CPSC48 60K 2.5#/day

    CPSC60 - not available yet

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    Default Re: SWCG Comparison Published


    Hello my name is Rodney I am going to put a pool in and was wondering which company salt system you would recomend for a new pool

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    So what I can gather from the forum is that any of the systems listed in the SWCG comparison will provide efficient and reliable service. Therefore, the comparison between units is length of warranty, service availability in your locale, price and whether the company is in the market for the long haul. Is this true or am I missing something?

    Jim K.

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    The Jandy info isn't quite square with the owners manual with regards to how much salt the pool must have. From the manual:

    • 3.0 to 3.5 gpl of salt is recommended for optimum water conditions.
    • Low salt concentration below 2.0 gpl will cause premature cell failure.
    • High salt concentration above 4.0 gpl may damage the power center.

    And further in the manual....

    If salinity is below 2.0 gpl the AquaPure will automatically turn the cell off
    until the salinity is raised above 2.0 gpl, since operating with low salt will damage Cell. Likewise, if salinity is
    above the range of measurement the AquaPure will automatically turn the cell off until the salinity is lowered
    to a measurable level, since operating with high salt will damage the control center.

    Error codes 144 (below 2.0) and 145 (greater than 4.0) are thrown by the Jandy control panel if the salinity falls outside the 2.0-4.0 range.
    South Florida - 16,000g Diamond Brite pool, 700g spa & waterfall, Jandy 1400 AquaPure SWCG, Jandy variable-speed 1.5H pump, Jandy 60 DE filter, Jandy heat pump - using Taylor K-2006 kit

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    Wow, this was a while ago, and I'm sorry I didnt stay up with it. Regarding output claims on marketing brochures, it helps when it's actually tested and verified.
    Case in point, CPSC48 marketing literature claiming output at 2.5 lbs/day was tested by NSF at 1.28 lbs/day.

    Sean Assam
    Commercial Product Sales Manager - AquaCal AutoPilot Inc. Mobile: 954-325-3859
    e-mail: sean@teamhorner.com --- www.autopilot.com - www.aquacal.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoolDoc View Post
    I've just posted a preliminary, but complete comparison between SWCG (salt water chlorine generators) by Auto Pilot, Compu Pool, Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, & SGS:

    If you see errors or omissions, please note them in this thread, so I can correct them.

    You don't have permission to access /products/salt-water-chlorine-generators-compared on this server.

    Is there an updated list?

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