View Full Version : Indoor/Outdoor Carpeting around pool?

06-18-2006, 11:18 AM
Anyone use I/O Carpeting around their pool without having it on a deck or structure? Can it be installed over hardpack with landscaping fabric or plastic underneath? What about anyone who has it and lives in areas with snow/winter? How well does it hold up after winter?

We have a small bit that we put in front of the pool, under the ladder temporarily until we landscape, but I really like the feel (not necessarily the color of the one there) and wondered about installing it all around the perimeter - we have a 2.5' perimeter and then concrete edging. Rather than a lot of rock that ends up getting weeds cropping up in between, etc., maybe some nice Hunter Green to match the house/deck trim (not that icky lime green) I/O Carpeting? Don't know what I want to do with this.....