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06-12-2018, 01:30 PM

How to Use the PoolForum Effectively

1. Many questions people ask here have ALREADY been asked AND answered. Use my Super Search page (www.pool9.net/ssearch/) to find those answers.

Finding an existing answer, is always faster than waiting for a new response. With the SuperSearch page, you can search not only PoolForum, but several OTHER pool discussion sites, AND a number of the major pool manufacturer sites.

I wish I'd created this years ago. It works very, very well, and would have saved me a great deal of time over the years. If you use it, I think you'll find it very helpful as well.

2. Look for the FAQ / Guide posts at the top of each forum section.

I'm in the process of updating the forum in a number of ways. Many of the sections have a FAQs & Guide post at the top, that lists key posts, answers, and guides. Check it out FIRST.

3. When you DO ask a question, if you want a useful answer, include some basic information!

For chemistry questions, include: test results, what chemicals you've used, what sort of pool you have, pool dimensions, and what type of filter.


There are some rules: PoolForum Acceptable Use Policy (http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthread.php/12780).

For home users, they amount to: be polite and don't promote stuff. For commercial or pool biz users . . . well, you'd better read them.

For equipment or repair questions, include: manufacture and model number, pool type & dimensions, and a description of the problem. PLUS it will almost always help if you include pictures. This post explains how: http://pool9.net/postpix .