View Full Version : Should I remove Doughboy ozone purification controller

07-02-2014, 09:27 AM
I just had my liner replaced 30 days ago after 1.5yrs due to liner seam failure.13,700 gal
Originally used all bioguard stuff that the pool store told me I needed including the ozone purification system.
This year I told myself that I would switch to the BBB method although it meant adding bleach everyday.
So far I have been keeping these numbers
FC 6 usually add 30 - 40 oz of 8.25 bleach daily
PH 7.8-7.4---usually 7.6
CYA 50
TA 100 fill water was 250PPM,
borate 30
TH 150
Is the ozone purification the same as an ionizer? just read another post where staining was an issue.
This unit has no controls and I hate to have something I don't need, now that my water is perfect and never had staining on last liner, and hopefully I am doing this BBB method right.Never needed the baking soda!just bleach/borax /acid and initially stabilizer.

07-02-2014, 10:57 AM
Good News! Ozoneator is not the same as ionizer, although I've heard of combination units. Ozone won't stain, it's the metal ions in ionizers and mineral systems that stain. Ozone is O3, a highly effective oxidizer and can sanitize the water passing through the device. It does not create a sanitizer residual in the pool so another sanitizer is needed. If you need chlorine anyway why bother with the ozone system?

There is a thread in the China Shop in which a member is documenting his efforts to demonstrate that his ozone system is not valueless - extensive discussion if you're interested.

Sounds like you have the BBB down and freed yourself from the bio-addiction - Congrats!

07-03-2014, 07:42 AM
thanks for the clarification.
I will check out the other info.
I guess for now I will leave it attached and next year not install it.
Its amazing looking back now how much chemicals I was told I needed being a new owner of a pool, I bought everything while shopping at different stores, everything up this and down that and in between in fear of running out.Now I need a Hazmat team,thanks again.