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05-28-2014, 08:54 PM
Pool9.net is a web domain I have owned for a long time, and have recently begun to use to make 'short links' to various 'sticky' and reference pages. The list of these short links is current as of 28 May, 2014.

There links are
+ short and easier to type,
+ easier to remember, and
+ always go to the must current page.

The last point is important, since I'm working updated version of a number of PoolForum sticky pages. Most of the new pages will be static PoolSolutions pages, rather than forum posts. If you use the P9 link, the link will STILL go to the correct page, when the update goes 'live'. But if you use the direct link, it will always go to the old page. I'd put a link in the old thread to the new one, but it would be best to send folks to the right page from the start.

Several further points:
+ More than one P9 link can point to the same page. For example, both pool9.net/ma/ and pool9.net/muriatic/ link to the same thread on using muriatic acid.
+ If there's a link YOU would like, email me.

The list:
(easier to read version: http://pool9.net/p9/ )

algae, sand => http://pool9.net/algae-s, http://pool9.net/algae-sand, http://pool9.net/sand-algae/
alkalinity, step by step => http://pool9.net/alk-step
AG pool problems => => http://pool9.net/ag-pool-problems/
AquaPure various => http://pool9.net/aquapure-man, http://pool9.net/aquapure-sman
bleach http://pool9.net/bleach/
bleach calculator http://pool9.net/bleach-calc/
bromine => http://pool9.net/bromine/
borax => http://pool9.net/borax/
bucket test for calcium => http://pool9.net/bucket-calcium
bucket test for chlorine demand => http://pool9.net/bucket-demand
bucket test for metals => http://pool9.net/bucket-metal/
cartridges, correct cleaning => http://pool9.net/cart-clean, http://pool9.net/cartridge-clean
chlorine CYA relationship (Best Guess) => http://pool9.net/cl-cya/
DE test for sand filters => http://pool9.net/de-test/
distilled water @ Walmart => http://pool9.net/distilled/
edit: forum user email address edit => http://pool9.net/edit-email/
edit: forum user signature edit => http://pool9.net/edit-sig/
intex videos => http://pool9.net/intex-vid/, http://pool9.net/intex-filter-vid/, http://pool9.net/intex-trouble-vid/
intex Super Simple recipe => http://pool9.net/ssr/, http://pool9.net/intex-ssr/
liner patching => http://pool9.net/liner-patch/
login: PoolForum user login => http://pool9.net/login/
muriatic acid handling => http://pool9.net/ma/, http://pool9.net/muriatic/
natural pools => http://pool9.net/npool/
oto => http://pool9.net/oto/
oto color chart => http://pool9.net/oto-chart/
oto kit => http://pool9.net/oto-kit/
Permasalt debunking => http://pool9.net/permasalt/
pf-chart => http://pool9.net/pf-chart/
PHMB (Baquacil) => http://pool9.net/phmb/
polyquat => http://pool9.net/polyquat/
register: PoolForum registration => http://pool9.net/register/
subscribe=> http://pool9.net/subscribe/
search: search PoolForum & PoolSolutions with Google => http://pool9.net/search/
SS Pools -- info on soft-side pool brands => http://pool9.net/sspool-info/
Test kits (get the kit you need) => http://pool9.net/test/, => http://pool9.net/tk/
Taylor test kit guide vids (YouTube playlists) => http://pool9.net/tk-guide/, http://pool9.net/K2006-vid/
Taylor testkit problem vids => http://pool9.net/tk-interfere/, => http://pool9.net/K2006-problem-vid/
Watermom's solar cover solution => http://pool9.net/wm-scover/

05-20-2018, 06:48 AM
Other boomarks:

Chemical abbreviations and definitions:

Calculating Bleach Additions:

Iron Removal:

Copper Removal:

This link gets you easily to Ben's Pool9 links for pool care.

Adding Borates: (dosages are too high but the method)

pH testing with high FC:


Testing Stains: