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Dry Rot
04-05-2014, 11:35 AM
We have had the above equipment for about 8-9 years. I have always had to RE-Enable the Aqualink at the heater after a power outage because it would go back to "Disabled" due to the interruption, which was a pain but duable.
Then about 3 months ago I called a dealer for a service as I was having "Phantom Programs and the system needed to be reprogrammed. A very sharp tech came out and did the reprograming. I told her about the RE-ENABLING issue after power outages and she said she could fix that as well. And she did. It worked just fine. The way she described it was she was going to let the Aqualink panel do the thinking not the heater. Ten days ago we had another outage and now it stays on. I must throw the breaker to stop it. I called the same dealer for another service call and the original Tech has since left the state and the new one had no idea what she had done and thought there must be something bad in the heater board....probably a costly fix. So I consented to manually operating the heater. Now that I have thought about it more, manual operation sucks since My spa buttons do not work and running out to the heater to turn it on is just not good. I want to go back to before and have to RE-Enable the aqulink. BTW, it now shows Aualink enabled but only runs manually off the heater panel but otherwise runs great. Ideas anyone?

04-06-2014, 09:01 AM
Unfortunately, no one here is an Aqualink tech!

Pool electronics issues are a problem for us, because there's so much variation between manufacturers and even between models. I'll put your post in the right section, and maybe you'll get lucky and a get a response from a tech-savvy pool owner who's seen the same problem.

But I think you'll need to find a tech. However, you can try calling Jandy / Zodiac and see if they will help:

They have posted a pretty extensive trouble-shooting manual:
But you'll need to know your way around a good multimeter to use it.

Contact info from the manual: Jandy Pool Products, Inc.
6000 Condor Drive, Moorpark, CA, USA 93021 • 707.776.8200 FAX 707.763.7785