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05-31-2006, 05:14 PM
Short Story. Opened 4/19 , Leak to waste, 1 week idle for part delivery, 2 partial drains due to cya, algae, copper from well water ( partial drains) and now ...there should be a drum roll....BLUE WATER! I have been under the supervision of a pool dealer. Water has been tested, balanced and I have floced & shocked until I'm ready to drop. Water has been blue since Saturday, filtering continiously. I have no doubt spent a fortune and I can't believe my eyes. If anybody has an idea that I haven't tried, please let me know. 28,000 inground vinyl /sand filter. 4 years old. Thank you

05-31-2006, 07:34 PM
Isn't the blue just a reflection of the sky? I have a white fiberglass pool, clear water, but the water looks blue.

05-31-2006, 08:08 PM
MP, welcome to the forum, just a couple of thoughts:
At any time durring the process you described, was a chem put in that has blue dye in it? Was the copper from your well water sucessfully addressed? (I'm thinking that it might be the copper causing your 'blues') How do you chlorinate the pool - specific products and descriptions, please? Any chance of a picture of the pool/ color? Did your pool pro change the sand in your filter after sequestering the copper? Finally, could you please post a full set of water test #s? The answers to these ?s would go a long way for the great folks on the forum to be able to help you.
-Sorry I couldn't give you a quick fix, but I'm/ we're interested in helping you with your pool and need some more info in order to do this, as you seem to have been in regular contact with a pool dealer, I'm hoping that providing this won't be too much of a hastle. Good luck with the 'blues' and if I can be of further service, never hesitate to ask of me!

06-01-2006, 11:16 AM
Here are my test results: Free & Avail Chor 3.0, Alk 126, PH 7.1, Calcium Hardness 207, CYA 30, zero copper & iron, Total dissolved Solids 820 Saturation index -0.36. Just for the record my liner is blue, but the water is, as a rule, clear. The sand was not changed, but it was cleaned. I keep 3 chor sticks in the skimmers. I'll get a pic this afternoon. One other item that may be of interest. This pool dealer is new. Years of experience installing, but I'm not sure about water analysis, however it is a computerized test. 'Poolife Brand" And come to think of it, the Algaecide was purple. Thanks in advance for your help.