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03-23-2011, 05:22 PM
Hi All;

The 'How to Use the Forum" FAQ is here:

poolforum-faq.html (http://www.poolsolutions.com/gd/poolforum-faq.html)

I'm gradually collecting and moving all the other FAQs and Guides to the PoolSolutions site, rather than the various locations where they're found now. They should be much easier to find there:

http://www.poolsolutions.com/gd/ (http://www.poolsolutions.com/gd/)

As I move them, I'll create links in the old location to the new one, so nothing should be lost. If you DO find something that get's broken, please let me know. You can post here, or email me at poolforum AT gmail DOT com.

Ben / PoolDoc

06-12-2018, 01:31 PM
Over the years, the PoolForum has helped a LOT of people. The 'BBB Method' is now known nationally (even if most places get it wrong!). Walmart now puts 20 Mule Team Borax on kiosk display during the pool season (good!) and has raised the price (bad!).

Even so, more than a few people have come here and don't get the results the hope. Here are some tips for better results.

Don't ask local questions, here.
Such questions often have the form of "Are PoolGhost builders in Anytown OK?" or "Who is a good builder / serviceman / poolguy in Thistown?". When you ask such questions online, you MAY get an answer, but it will almost NEVER be a good answer. Good answers to local questions requires local knowledge.

Search, before you ask! A LOT of questions are ALREADY answered and, thanks to Google's advanced search operators which allow you to FOCUS your search on one website, it's REALLY easy to find them. My Super Search (www.pool9.net/ssearch/) page. You can not only search PoolForum + PoolSolutions, but TroubleFreePools and PoolSpaForum. PLUS, you can search the primary pool product websites. Try it! (www.pool9.net/ssearch/)

Don't ask questions that require LOTS of pictures to answer, without providing LOTS of pictures.
Such question often have the form, My piping is broken. The thingie is hanging down. How can I fix it easily?
Currently, you can use Imgur.com (http://imgur.com) to post photos, more easily than any other way I've found. This page explains how (http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthread.php/29084).

Don't 'dribble' information about your pool problems.
If your pool leaks a lot, say so. If you've already added 18 types of 'pool goo' from your dealer, say so and LIST them. If you need the water clear in 2 days say so, TODAY. If you have water in your pool TEST IT, and include the results. If your pump and filter don't work, SAY SO NOW.

Don't ask questions about someone else's pool.
We've tried. Solving pools, 2nd hand, NEVER works. If THEY need help, let THEM ask.

So, what information DOES the Forum have?

But here's a list of topics on which we have GOOD answers:
Is there a chemical recipe for my pool?
What chemicals should I use?
What chemicals should I avoid?
How can I figure chemical doses for my pool?
How can I test my pool water?
Can I trust dealer testing?
Can I trust dealer chemicals?
How can I tell if my filter is working?
How can I kill the algae in my pool?
What causes pool stains?
What causes green hair?
. . . and more

And, here's a list of topics about which you can find useful information . . . but not always answers:
Which pump / filter / cleaner should I buy?
What's wrong with my piping?
How can a fix a leak in X?
Is this pool gizmo worth it? (Short answer: probably not!)

. . . To Be Continued.. .