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  1. Upgraded Intex Easy Set pool pump and now have questions....advice please!
  2. -- CLOSED THREAD/ PoolDoc -- recommend auto cleaner for 18' Intex Ultra w/ 1hp pump
  3. Intex swcg or ???? (which is best value)
  4. Pool Install for 22x54 Round Intex
  5. Intex installation and trouble-shooting videos, how-to's and manuals
  6. intex pool
  7. Intex Ultra Frame Pool Hard Plumbing
  8. Intex pool filter and pump upgrade options/considertions
  9. upgrade options for pump/filter....
  10. Water Warden fence and Intex 24x52 blue pool
  11. Anyone buy the new 27' round Intex yet?
  12. Replacement Poles
  13. Solar Panels and Solar Covers
  14. Cloudy water
  15. Intex Ultra Frame 18-by-9: How much space needed on each side for supports?
  16. Base for an Intex Easy Setup Pool
  17. Base for an Intex Easy Setup Pool
  18. Intex Metal frame poles outside the band
  19. First post to gain access to forum
  20. Welcome from New York - Metal Frame 15 x 48 Set up issues.
  21. newbie
  22. New Member, yucky pool
  23. 24' x 48" Pro Series Frame Pool how to heat in Oregon
  24. New to Forum
  25. new to pool forum love the site!
  26. Razzysmom's thread
  27. Convert intex pool from 1.5 to 2" hose
  28. Pool startup problems.
  29. Intex Delux Skimmer pulls away from the pool wall
  30. What chemicals for a freshly filled pool? -- Do we really need the plastic feet.
  31. First Post
  32. Pool pump not filling all the way to the top
  33. Is this a correct pump to use for a above ground swimming pool
  34. Newbie with intex pool. Solar arc
  35. How to level a temporary agp on existing concrete patio
  36. No questions yet...
  37. Leak in bottom of new pool.
  38. What chemicals do we Need for New Pool?
  39. No idea what I'm doing!!
  40. Summer Splash through skimmer/filter/pump problem
  41. Intex combo sand filter SWCG question
  42. Pool Skimmer Blockage
  43. Intex sand filter discharge reducer fitting
  44. new here, what is the brand of pool
  45. Which filter/pump better for water with high iron
  46. Thinking of putting in above ground pool
  47. First time adding chemicals to 18x48 intex ultra frame pool..HELP!
  48. Intex Ultra fram 16 x 32 - HELP.....Pleeaaseee! :)
  49. How to modify Intex ABG pool fittings to accept 11/2" pvc pipes?
  50. New pool setup-posts settling differently What to do?
  51. Intex Pool 18 x 48 a general question
  52. dirt or algea?
  53. New Intex Pool owner
  54. Level Ground
  55. Hayward Sand Filter for Intex Easy Set Pool
  56. Help, 18' vinyl pool liner bottom moderately sun damaged
  57. Using sand to level an area for an Intex Metal Frame 15 x 48 pool
  58. Poolskim
  59. modifying an Intex AGP
  60. Polaris 180 convert for above ground?
  61. How long should I run my new filter?
  62. 15' round mystic pool above ground
  63. How to properly chlorinate small 12'x30" intex pool? And few other questions.
  64. Converting 15' Round Intex to Hard Plumbing
  65. Ring Pool
  66. Considering an above ground pool
  67. 14' x 48" pool with 2650 GPH sand filter
  68. new pool, new LEAKY sand filter
  69. Wonderful summer....let's keep it going!
  70. Contacting Intex Corp for parts or problems.
  71. Supplies Preparation for Pool Arrival
  72. Restraining Rope
  73. Intex Salt system and Sand Filter Question
  74. how exact do my tests have to be?
  75. epsom salt- what purpose does it have
  76. Saltwater pump hoses crack frequently
  77. Pump
  78. Can I slope floor Intex 16' ultra deeper towards center?
  79. Better hoses for Intex pools?
  80. Salt Water System GFI Question
  81. ???? bubble-like bulge on the liner seam of my intex pool ??? HELP
  82. Doing some home work on Intex Ultra Frame - Leveling the ground
  83. SWCG and Unplugging the Copper Ionizer
  84. Separate pump for heater?
  85. Intex Ultraframe 12x24 How Level is Level?
  86. Low Flow error with Intex saltwater system
  87. Starting over
  88. Thanks... and How to remove fine dirt?
  89. Intex Sand Filter Problem- i vacuum dead algea from pool floor & it keeps coming back
  90. Cloudy Intex pool, too
  91. Is it possible to run Intex SWCG pump and filter unit with pump disabled?
  92. Upgrading to Intex sand filter
  93. New Quick set pool with New ebay sand filter system, low pressure
  94. How fragile are the Intex liners *really* ?
  95. Suggestions on how to clean Pool before packing it up?
  96. DIY solar heater question
  97. Intex rectangular ultra frame 24 x 12 buckled u shaped legs
  98. Skimmer doesn't work right on Intex pool
  99. Cleaning Solution for Unicel filters
  100. Running Time/Intervals for Filter/Pump?