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  1. How Quats and Polyquat Algaecides work.
  2. Pro Tease/ SWG CYA
  3. Bartier Disinfection Index
  4. You guys are gonna love this...
  5. CYA for Salt Chlorinator Pools II
  6. Re: Help chemical balance whacked
  7. Bleach same as Chlorine
  8. Safe swimming with elevated chlorine
  9. Dynamic head, SWCG and 24/hr pump operation.
  10. Best Guess Table
  11. Pool Water Chemistry (Warning: Can Get Technical)
  12. Salt in non-SWG pool result observations
  13. Acid/Base Demand Test
  14. Saturation Index (Langelier, etc.)
  15. Carbonate Alkalinity
  16. The Great Tetraborate Experiment!
  17. Calling all Geeks
  18. Chlorine/pH/CYA Relationships
  19. Chemistry experiment in my back yard
  20. Breakpoint Chlorination
  21. " Unattended Puck feeders " & the uninformed
  22. tds bogus or true???????
  23. A Theory About Rising pH in SWG Pools
  24. Do borate products (Supreme, Optimzier, etc.)work as claimed?
  25. Lowering pH with CO2
  26. Info from Clorox on using their bleach for pools
  27. 40% Polyquat
  28. PolyQuat and Shocking with Chlorine
  29. Downsides to salt pools
  30. Disinfection Rates and Minimum Chlorine Levels
  31. Frog mineral systems
  32. CYA disappears over the winter
  33. Pump Efficiency, Head, Flow, and related technical info
  34. Pinellas County, FL Pool Study 1992 (1994)
  35. Miscellaneous Short Discussions
  36. Cost Comparison of Chlorine Sources
  37. CYA and Lifetime of Chlorine
  38. Measured Density of Dry Chemicals
  39. A possible explanation of how borates work to stabilize pH
  40. Peristaltic pump information moved from Chlorine forum
  41. Suction-side chlorine feed?
  42. Carbonate Alkalinity (adjusting TA)
  43. Acid Column Myth
  44. Maintain water quality with no chems!?!?!
  45. Chlorine/CYA and Combined Chlorine
  46. TA, Borax and Alkalinity test
  47. Does local Govt participate in spreading the stabilized chlorine deceit?
  48. Liquidator and the sodium chloride deposits at the bottom
  49. What is the best HOCL (as ppm CL2) number to aim for
  50. Higher Calcium Levels & Stable pH
  51. Monochloramine, Chlorine, CYA and pH
  52. Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner
  53. The Great Nature2 Debate
  54. Chlorine Extender
  55. CYA in a sock
  56. Shot glass method doesn't work with DPD?
  57. Algae, TA or what?
  58. CYA in a Bromine Pool
  59. Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
  60. Seapool? Nope - C-Pool!
  61. Poop in the Pool
  62. Calcium Hardness (CH) for Vinyl Pool Liners
  63. johnnyL's thread --- Am I close on these figures?
  64. Solar Covers and UV Rays?
  65. VaTrailRider's first thread--comment about spammers
  66. New China Shop Topic: How Accurate is the Pool Calculator?
  67. Question for the chemists
  68. Comparing Pool Heating Options
  69. Safe pH levels for vinyl pools
  70. Salt Level Keeps High without Addition of Any Salt
  71. Acid and Base Demand tests: Useful or Not?
  72. CL2 migration through poly tubing
  73. Borate application, redux
  74. Bleach vs Chlorine price
  75. Richard Falk's Pool Equations Spreadsheet
  76. Neutralizing ultimate acidty in dichlor and trichlor and more . . .
  77. CAUTION Leaf Pool Pumps or Eco Pool Pumps or Spectra UV
  78. New Pool motor and salt water Chlorine Generator? Intelliflo and Intellichlor?
  79. Defending EcoSmarte and sanitation via copper ionization
  80. Pool retailer FAQ on Salt Water Vs. Chlorine....
  81. Help interpreting FAS-DPD FC/CC test results **Sorry, long, techy post**
  82. Is a Pool Chlorine Level Above 10 PPM Unsafe?
  83. Salt in non swg pool (long term effects?)
  84. Can I Use Salt As Sanitizer Instead of Chlorine?
  85. Alum, borax, etc.
  86. Suggestions on replacing pool equipment
  87. I'm still being moderated. What to do?
  88. Answering Questions at the PoolForum
  89. Would you want this in your pool?
  90. How Much FC To Make Water Potable?
  91. Calcium and pool heaters
  92. Testing Drinking Water
  93. Hot Tub Question
  94. Tri chlor shipping
  95. Water to Acid vs Acid to Water
  96. Pool Guys: how do you deal with covered pools on route?
  97. Any 100% non chlorine hot tub options?
  98. The K2006 Decision
  99. Salt Water Pool - InteliChlor IC40 Firsthand Experience
  100. AG vinyl liners & calcium hardness