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  1. Getting the Pool Ready
  2. Checking for a leak
  3. Oak Tree Flowering
  4. Plants in North Texas (DFW area)
  5. Ok to Open a bit early?
  6. 1st attempt with opening
  7. FAQ: Common Spring Startup Errors
  8. Cement Staining
  9. Opening early with a safety cover.....
  10. Need instructions on opening a pool
  11. Closed pool with Iron Stains + Pink Algae... Now What?
  12. Dangers of opening the pool late?
  13. When to open? Go by low daily temp or what?
  14. DE Filter Cleaning
  15. Need SOOOO much help!
  16. Start- up Shopping List
  17. First encounter with DE Filter
  18. Spring Start-Up Frustrations (long-winded vent)
  19. Just jumping in the mix here....
  20. 50,000 Gallon Monkey On My Back
  21. My Own Startup.
  22. Does Pool Water Evaporate While Covered?
  23. bleach calc
  24. Removing winter cover
  25. First year of Opening.......
  26. Help with a pin hole leak!
  27. How long does it take for your pool to clear?
  28. When to let Cl come down after opening
  29. Pool Opening Pics
  30. Hello, I'm a newbie !
  31. Winter Evaporation with mesh cover
  32. leaves
  33. vacuum to waste with Polaris?
  34. Question about Alk & pH
  35. Pumping water off of winter cover...
  36. New Pool/new House Well Water
  37. Re: FAQ: Common Spring Startup Errors
  38. Pool needs to open soon..new owner
  39. Advice please.
  40. New liner - brand new start
  41. DE Filter Storage
  42. Pool problems.
  43. Stain at water line after removing cover
  44. Need MECHANICAL steps to open pool
  45. Where is the waste setting?
  46. Spring Startup from empty
  47. Opening - Last year, a nightmare. This year, perfect...??
  48. Any harm leaving it uncovered?
  49. Opening Day
  50. Water treatment with the cover on?
  51. No poolguy this year to open pool, need help...
  52. Remove or not ??
  53. Cloudy Water
  54. Feedback on my test numbers requested
  55. Help pool is very green looks like a pond
  56. Instructions For Filling A Pool (Old Forum)
  57. TC vs FC... am I about to turn the corner???
  58. Power Washing an IG Pool???
  59. Pool Opening VAC - VAC power goes to zero
  60. No kit yet -- Opened Pool -- What Should I do?
  61. Use of cleaner on mesh cover
  62. Low pH upon opening
  63. Test numbers are scary!
  64. Need an idea for washing a leaf net
  65. Aqualuminator leaking AG pool
  66. Hot Weather Came quick! Green pool needs attention :)
  67. Praying for rain....
  68. nasty stain on bottom at opening
  69. Help-Pool Guy Is A No Show
  70. Please help - quick question - is soda ash OK?
  71. New Problem...
  72. New Pool Owner With 2 Quick Questions
  73. Startup for EasySet 18x4
  74. Pool open with winter cover on??
  75. "Throttle down" on vacuum to waste?
  76. Sand Filter Pressure Question
  77. Water Behind Liner
  78. Newbie needs help. Need a Plan Of Attack To Get This Pool Open
  79. "Foam" on surface
  80. Just opened
  81. Can't clear cloudy water
  82. So lost!
  83. Opening pool-found 2 unknown o-rings
  84. Need advice with new pool startup please!
  85. PH/Alk Plan of attack
  86. A bit early but...
  87. can I remove filter basket during vacuum to waste?
  88. What to look for in an above ground winter cover?
  89. To filter or not
  90. Well water
  91. Late openings UGH
  92. New Liner In-Had Clear Water-Tech Messed Up!?!
  93. Help on startup
  94. help newbie
  95. Pool Cover?
  96. new liner being installed..filling with well water
  97. Never too early for Winter in Ohio
  98. newbie. Our first pool, Need info on sand filter
  99. is my liner peeling?
  100. any reason not to use just a pool leaf cover?