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  1. Alkalinity FAQ
  2. FAQs & HOWTOs: Swimming Pool Alkalinity
  3. Calcium
  4. Low calcium levels, plasticizers in vinyl liners, leaching cobalt from fibergalss?
  5. Best way to lower calcium?
  6. Calcium leaching from grout.
  7. Lowering Alk -- fountain or ripple
  8. Calcium with Ben's test
  9. Help w/ Numbers
  10. Alkalinity?
  11. Water is too hard
  12. How often to test
  13. Is my TA too high?
  14. Calcium level
  15. do I need to raise the Total Alkalinity
  16. Should I lower my alkalinity?
  17. Calcium/Scale build up on opening
  18. Calcium hardness causing problems?
  19. Calcium Deposits?
  20. Gallons of muriatic, days of aeration...
  21. raising alk?
  22. HIGH Calcium
  23. Calcium and SWC's
  24. Calcium Chloride Link to Cloudy Water??
  25. Should I raise CH?
  26. Can I make it through the summer with high CH?
  27. WOW my numbers are off
  28. Calcium and pool heater
  29. Vinyl Liner Scaling
  30. adding baking soda
  31. Aerating... Question.
  32. Green Hair????
  33. How much calcium in calcium-based shock?
  34. Circulate water or not after adding Muriatic Acid?
  35. Will TSP to lower calcium hardness???
  36. how much muriatic acid
  37. Cloudy water.
  38. High Alk Questions
  39. Why different alkalinity numbers?
  40. Patio Pavers put a lot dirt in pool
  41. Where to buy muratic acid?
  42. CA of 367 a problem?
  43. Total alkalinity high and pH drifting up...can someone explain?
  44. Detection limit for Wal-Mart kit CH test??
  45. Kiddie Pool owner looking for direction
  46. Need help-High Cya, calcium, and algae
  47. Aeration/waterfall and ALK question
  48. Need help with PH and TA (long post, sorry!)
  49. muriatic acid
  50. Bleach's affect on Alk?
  51. Multiply by 10 or 50?
  52. Total Alkalinity and Adjusted Total Alkalinity
  53. What causes Calcium to rise?
  54. Help with total alkalinity (complicated)
  55. Is there a certain window of time
  56. Aeration and CL drop
  57. Aqua-Doc...please tell me this thing doesn't work
  58. Dropping ALK questions
  59. Adjust TA first, right?
  60. Pool store advice to lower alkalinity - three day muriatic acid dose method
  61. Should I worry about high TA?
  62. An interesting water map - image
  63. Alkalinity with a vinyl liner
  64. Calculating Adjusted TA due to high levels of CYA
  65. Calcium and heaters
  66. OK moved over to this forum for TA help
  67. Lowering Alk in Hot Tub
  68. borax question
  69. Checking in for advice please
  70. Adding Calcium Hardness Increaser
  71. hardness test with hth kit
  72. Mystery bucket of chemical - what is it?
  73. Alkalinity/ Pool Water Balance
  74. lowering alk w/ already low PH
  75. scale removal - question and help
  76. Discolored light ring
  77. Help! Can i swim in recent addition of alk-up and calc?!
  78. Calcium Preciptate Cloudiness:How Long Will It Last?
  79. Why is Ph climbing?
  80. Risks with high alkalinity?
  81. Adding calcium...when & where
  82. Fiberglass Pool
  83. Non-chlorine sanitizer and equipment
  84. Plaster pool has a 'natural' pH maybe?
  85. Low ALK.
  86. Ph Not Increasing
  87. Lowering ALK success story
  88. what's the "ideal" ph?
  89. new plaster
  90. Alkalinity correction for high CYA
  91. Compressor for Aerater
  92. Calcium nightmare and rain water?
  93. Cal # too high? Vinyl pool?
  94. High Ph and high Alk - help!
  95. newbie, Affects of low ph.
  96. Need advice about TA in new pool
  97. Need to add calcium
  98. Alkalinity
  99. Raising CA level with HTH
  100. calcium=20... vinyl pool... problem?